Redefining Contactless Payment

We transform digital gift cards into powerful promotional tools that build restaurant brands.


Payment transactions that improve the customer experience

Customers pay with their digital gift card directly from their mobile device. There is no need to take someone’s phone or write down their gift card number.


We take fraud

Chargebacks and disputes can ruin your business and damage your brand which is why none of our clients are EVER held responsible for fraudulent transactions. Leave that to us.

Data drives
customer loyalty

Our CRM allows you to leverage first party data and KPI metrics in real-time to keep track of sales, see detailed order history, transaction monitoring, and monthly statement reports so you can drive new and repeat customers through your very own promotional campaigns.

Increase your revenue dramatically


Digital gift cards accounted for nearly 20% of holiday gift cards sales.


46% of consumers are likely to purchase a digital gift card in the next six months.


Offering a digital gift card via eCommerce gives you 19 extra selling days per year, with December 24 and 25 representing 4.3% of total annual sales.


Guests with digital gift cards spend more. Our analytics data reports that guests who make a purchase using a digital gift card spend 72% more when paying with a gift card.


When a customer buys a digital gift card from your website or social media platform, whether the gift card is redeemed or not that money is yours to keep and cannot be used at any other location other than yours, unlike some other platforms.

We've got you

We can cater to any size business with our enterprise solutions, but we prefer an approach that sets the expectations to our partners that our service is personalized. We take care of everything. If your customers have questions about their digital gift card, our team is equipped to handle all customer service-related inquiries.


We make set-up so easy

Selling digital gift cards has never been easier!
We offer several options to make your setup experience as frictionless as possible so you can choose the process that works best for you.

Don’t have a website?

No problem...
You can have your own free customized white label checkout page linked to any of your social media platforms.
Our team of experts in UX design can create a professional customized website designed to fit your brand.

Already have a website?

Great, we can provide you with a free user-friendly digital gift card checkout page designed to match your existing site and instantly gain the attention of your customers with our easy to use drag and drop editor.

Don’t want to lift a finger?

Regardless of whether you have an existing website or not we understand hospitality. Sign up and let us handle everything!

Socially and

We have a focus on creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly world.

As part of our mission, we are working to change the future of contactless payments by eliminating the need for additional hardware, paper, and plastic to help fight against resource dependency and depletion while putting money into your bank account!