About Us

We started GyftGram back in 2020 as one of the first contactless digital gift card platforms for restaurants using QR codes. Our journey has lead us to become the most advanced payments platform in fraud prevention.

Sell your branded eGift

Customers can buy their eGift directly from your website, social media….ANYWHERE

Personalize a Message

Users can add their own personal message to their digital gift cards

Receive Your Special eGift

An eGift is redeemed by scanning a QR code from any mobile device at your location

Digital gift cards was just the beginning

As we strive to constantly improve the customer and merchant experience our journey has led us to develop a technology that will forever change how payments are accepted in hospitality. We invite you to join us as we launch our new application.

The Business that Never Sleeps

Start sending your very own custom branded digital gift cards today at anytime of day or night and from any location. Its free to sign up and you can be instantly live. No complex integration or additional hardware to purchase.